Valve islands are commonly used on machine installations to reduce assembly and downtime and provide easier fault diagnosis.
Sub-base valves enable the user to replace valves quickly and easily when required without disturbing pipework systems
Inline valves are probably the most common type of valve used in automation systems.
Norgren\'s range of safety valves delivers peace of mind in the working environment
This well proven range features variants from the popular Super X series and the VHLA range of rotary hand valves.
Proportional valves convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional compressed air output.
Featuring well recognized brands such as Buschjost and Herion this range is ideal for process industry applications.
Norgrenís range of flow control valves are suitable for a wide variety of tubing diameters and offer high flow performance.
Norgren offer non-return valves in aluminium and brass, and also options in composite material and including push-in fittings.
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