Clutches and brakes Spares
These clutches/brakes are used for smooth starting of machine. They are more used machine tools as they are very compact in size.
All these plates are made by using highest quality materials and are available to clients in different sizes.
In many industries clutches are used to ensure smooth transmission of mechanical power. Conventional mechanical clutches create many problems in progressiv
Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are widely used in all the Industries. M/s. MAGNA CORE is making almost all electromagnetic multi disc clutches & b
EK type clutches & brakes are used to control starting and stopping of machines. There are many designs in electromagnetic clutches & brakes, such
These are stationery field multiple disc clutches which maintenance free & used in gear box of machine tools to transmit power. They are without slipri
Justifying our position as a leading manufacturer in quality products, we produce clutches equivalent to ELSA type which features with high-precision and w
These kind of clutches used in gear box of machine tools to transmit power and higher torque. It can be operated in both in wet or dry condition.
These stationery field tooth clutches can transmit a higher torque compared to stationery field multi disc clutches.
These clutches are designed for running in oil which requires no maintenance. The specialty of these clutch is this clutch is once this clutch is set.
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