Technical Tubing and Hose
Tried and tested for industrial or vehicle applications, PA tubing guarantees excellent durability due to its stable long-term mechanical properties.
Legirs semi-rigid nylon tubing is manufactured to very close tolerances, to provide consistently high quality over wide temperature and pressure ranges.
This tubing resists abrasion and comes in polyester (chemical resistance) and polyether (humidity resistance) materials. 
Parker Legris Advanced PE tubing is 50% reticulated. This range is designed for chemically and mechanically demanding environments, especially those of wat
The Parker-Legris fluoropolymer tubing range allows to answer the most demanding requirements of any installation.
Legris food quality braided PVC hose is translucent to enable visual confirmation of fluid flow .
Legris self-fastening hose is constructed with NBR nitrile rubber reinforced with a textile braid on both inner and outer layers.
Legris tube cutters, ferrules and tube clips complement our family of high-quality tubing and hose products.
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