Legris low and medium pressure brass ball valves come in four different models: in-line, 3 way, lockable or venting.
Legris stainless steel ball valves are suitable for agressive fluids and corrosive environments. They provide excellent resistance to pressure (up to 64 ba
Legris mini-ball valves enable in-line opening and closing of a pneumatic circuit. Compact and light weight, they are suited to all types of installation.
This range of valves offers an innovative solution in the treatment of water and the handling of beverages while protecting health. 
Legris needle valves precisely control flow in a fluid power circuit. In-line and right angle designs are availaible
Excellent chemical resitance to aggressive fluids and environments. Good resistance to pressure. PTFE O-rings.
Legris axial valves are designed to open and close fluid power circuits at a distance by a pneumatic and/or electric control.
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